Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Help Create 2016 Programs

Picture177The National Program Team is pleased to announce True Identity/we are claimed by Christ as our theme for the 2016 summer mission season. To date, we have completed nine brainstorming sessions with participants in every existing chapter. Volunteer contributors from all regions are needed to make 2016 our the best year ever.

Spiritual growth and leadership development are powerful aspects of the U.M. ARMY program. Excellence in these areas takes careful and prayerful planning. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the U.M. ARMY organization is our collaborative approach to program development. Each year our team develops a theologically sound curriculum to be used in all U.M. ARMY weeks nationwide.

Our program teams have a strong success record! Young people return to U.M. ARMY year after year because our programs provide the opportunity to impact the world and the encouragement to build relationships with new friends and neighbors. Participants realize the power of God’s love as they become strong Christian leaders.

If you have attended at least one U.M. ARMY week and would like to be part of the creative process for 2016 contact our Program Team.